Posted by Monica Jordan

Sometimes you come across a quilt that you just have to share. This one came to us from a very good customer who happened to use my favorite ever combination in our quilt kits, French General. These colors just make me happy, and the prints from Moda are both classic and unforgettable. What really struck me about this quilt is the quilter's vision. One of the best features our kits (so I hear) is how easy they are to use. The combination and pattern is already picked out, and all you have to do is the fun part - sew it up! But this quilter took it to the next level. Using our pre-cut pieces, she added a touch of her own creativity, and made a 3-D quilt. Pictured below, this beautiful quilt is made using log cabin blocks that have been modified by adding triangles to the end of some of the strips. Just look at the effect this step adds. Outstanding! 

Quilters never cease to amaze me. To me, the most magical thing about quilting and sewing is that there is just no limit to creativity, and there is always another twist to be added. Thank you, Caroline Eschenbrenner, for sharing your beautifully designed quilt! Happy sewing, everyone!


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