Posted by Monica Jordan

Hello Quilters! 

Being the daughter of business owners in the quilting and sewing industry, I have grown up meeting quilters from around the world and let me tell you, you are the best people on the planet. Creative, patient, and inspiring! Artists who spend their free time creating beautiful quilts, baby bags, purses, and countless others for their families, friends, and neighbors. There is just nothing sweeter than that! A big part of why we love what we do at Jordan Fabrics is because we get the chance to interact with our wonderful customers everyday who appreciate this craft as much as we do.

Our enjoyment of our customers is another reason that we decided to open a quilt shop in Grants Pass, Oregon. We now get to meet new quilters daily and learn about their current sewing endeavors, hear new ideas, and gain some inspiration for our own creativity. 

So thank you for being the best customers in the world! We appreciate you!


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