These kits include 40 strips cut 2 1/2 inches wide (the full width of the fabric), all cut from a collection of coordinating prints, and usually using a sinlge collection of fabric from one manufacturer. Some of our set collections have 40 different fabrics, and some have 20 different fabrics, but all create the most lovely quilt projects! Our Strip Sets come with a FREE PATTERN and instructions that you can use, but there are limitless projects available to you that use these strips. There are many free patterns online and also patterns for sale on and plenty of other quilt shops.

Here's how this works. Below is one of our Strip Sets named "Jewel" using prints from Jinny Beyer:

This is the free "Tea Time in Bali" pattern that comes with our Jewel Strip Set:


The free pattern we include varies from kit to kit. We also have a Log Cabin pattern and a Building Block pattern, but these versatile strips can be used in many fun quilting and sewing projects!